Hi there!


Thank you so much for visiting my site. I am an artist living in Columbia, MO with my husband and daughter. 


I work primarily in oil paint, creating little landscape scenes, although I do love some perfectly sharpened colored pencils every once in a while.


Nature makes me happy!


It makes me happy in the moment, it makes me happy later when I am painting the scene and, I hope, seeing my depiction of it makes you happy as well.


I have often thought how there is no deep mystery to my art, no tortured soul with secret messages in my paintings.

I simply want to capture some of the magic and color I see and share that joy.


I hope my paintings, created with love and tiny brushes, make you smile and give you a little peace.

Thank you again! 


The images, artwork, and contents of this website may not be copied, collected, or used for personal or professional gain without the written permission from Jessica Pelzer. All images of artwork, sold or otherwise, are retained by Jessica Pelzer.